Time for the 2008 Rethink-the-BCS to Begin!

October 21, 2008

It’s that time of October when our fictional committee meets to set the 4 tiers of 16 teams (the best, the really good, the good, the fair… and of course all the rest). Without further adieu, the list unveiled:

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The BCS Car is Stuck in Neutral

April 29, 2008

Some off season news in the movement to update/replace the BCS. From ESPN.com:

Big Ten Commish Speaks Out

Interactive Playoff

December 12, 2007

ESPN has provided something pretty cool: an interactive make-it-yourself-and-we’ll-simulate-it playoff for the best college teams. You do the seeding and sit back, relax, and enjoy the mayhem of your creation.

Interactive Playoff

Now using my system, I entered the teams seeded according to where each finished in my final standings. Want to know who won? Read the rest of this entry »

Nice Commentary About BCS-Hating Burnout

December 3, 2007

Deadspin’s Dan Shanoff on BCS Predicament

Makes an interesting point about what happens if Hawaii beats Georgia: does the AP split the champions?

What Can I Write That You Haven’t Already Heard?

December 3, 2007

The REAL BCS matchups have been announced and we are given Ohio St. vs. LSU for the championship. These two teams certainly have nice resumes as to why they belong in this game, but it’s easy for anyone to build an argument as to why another team is more worthy. The main flaws being perceived in the current BCS system are:

1. Having to wait 5 1/2 weeks for the championship game. A tournament would give the nation consistent action to keep the country engaged. By the first week of January, the NFL will firmly be the bigger sports story. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 20 Final Standings

December 2, 2007

Final Standings:

LSU 28
Virginia Tech 24*
Missouri 26**
Oklahoma 24*
Ohio St. 24*
Georgia 24
Kansas 21
West Virginia 20
Hawaii 20
USC 19
Tennessee 18
Arizona St 18
Florida 17
Boston College 15
Illinois 12
South Florida 12
Virginia 12
Connecticut 12
Texas 10
Oregon 9

(Bold means team won their conference)

*Based on strength of overall schedule, the tie breaker goes to Virginia Tech.

**A team must win its conference to qualify for the championship game, meaning Missouri cannot advance to the BCS title game.

This One Will Make You Salivate

November 27, 2007

Dan Wetzel’s Playoff Argument

So let me also take a moment to clarify: I’m 100% in favor of a playoff. My worry is the powers (and moneys) that be won’t give up the bowl system anytime soon. In that case we need a better BCS and that’s what my system proposes: something more transparent and simple that rids the BCS system of voting and computers.

Another Must-Read

November 27, 2007

ESPN article: BCS is like way broke dude

Note how Vegas has BCS #1 Missouri as 3 point underdogs against Oklahoma.

Say It With Me: BCS is a Mess!

November 26, 2007

NY Times article: Conference Title Game Seen as an Obstacle

Interesting, albeit short, article on the BCS process and how conference games hurt teams. Nothing you haven’t heard, except for maybe the opinion of famed oddsmaker Danny Sheridan:

The Mountaineers won the conference title by beating Connecticut, a team that Sheridan said could be beaten by “a high school team in Alabama.”

Also heard Jay Bilas mention how the BCS is simply nonsensical and thankful college basketball has a playoff. He pointed out how impossible it would be in college basketball to try to pick the two best teams at the end of the season to play for the championship. Well, in a sense, the BCS is pretending that their system can do that after 12 or 13 games per team (not even half of the number of games of bball team plays). So with less statistical information, the BCS makes an educated ridiculous guess at who the two best teams are. It’s all about to be exposed this year.

Current Standings

November 24, 2007

Current as of November 25, 2007:

Missouri 28*
West Virginia 26

LSU 26*
Ohio St. 24
Georgia 24
Kansas 21
Virginia Tech 20
Tennessee 20
Oklahoma 20
Hawaii 19
Florida 17
Arizona St 17
Boston College 17
USC 16
Illinois 12
Connecticut 12
South Florida 12
Oregon 12
Virginia 12
Texas 10

*team controls own destiny: if team wins out, they will finish in one of the two top spots.