Top 5 Reasons Not to Hate on My System

1. Because it lets the football players decide who is best on the field — not by humans voting or computer algorithms.

2. It keeps the BCS in place because a playoff is not feasible.

3. The system is simple enough that teams and fans actually know how a game’s outcome can influence their overall standing.

4. Strength of schedule is completely embedded in the system.

5. The placement of a school in the tier system does not affect their standing. What matters is where their 11 toughest opponents get placed. Hopefully with that many teams being considered, any “errors” (like if one team in tier 1 starts the season strong but then loses four games in November) is alleviated by other teams in the schedule improving to average it all out.


One Response to “Top 5 Reasons Not to Hate on My System”

  1. rubergj Says:

    Go Bucks? Oh wait, we just got Zooked.

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