Bowl Matchups, Real vs. Imaginary

Using the real BCS, I predict the following:

Championship: West Virginia vs. Ohio State

Yes, LSU loses the SEC championship to red hot Georgia… the Bulldogs getting to play that game thanks to the Kentucky Wildcats upset over rival Tennessee. With LSU out of the BCS title game mix, time to ask: what about Kansas or Missouri? The winner of that rivalry contest will have spent all of their energy on that game and will most likely lose to a hungry Oklahoma team… playing spoiler (who would have ever thought Oklahoma would play National Championship spoiler to Kansas or Missouri?). I should also mention that I see Arizona State being gunned down to a rejuvenated USC, really only leaving two teams. So with the SEC and Big 12 beating themselves to death in their conference championships, Ohio State (whose season ended before Halloween Thanksgiving) and West Virginia will receive the invites.

Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Illinois

Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs. Kansas

Orange Bowl: LSU vs. Virginia Tech

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. USC

Now as for the BCS Bowls using my system, while predicting the same outcome of games, it woud look more like this:

Championship: LSU vs. West Virginia.

What’s interesting about this is that I predicted LSU to lose to Georgia in the SEC Championship, but as a team LSU would still lead college football using my point system. Perhaps that’s a problem… or are they really the best team (even with a 2nd loss)? I think what my system says is that LSU is the most deserving team, as they have beaten the best competition throughout.

My system isn’t designed to make the other BCS bowl matchups currently. I say let each Bowl choose their teams the old fashion way as long as the championship game is decided.

However the season plays out, I’m sure my system will present a vastly different championship than the BCS and only then can we decide where the flaws are and how we can make my system better. As for the BCS, that will probably remained flawed for some time.


2 Responses to “Bowl Matchups, Real vs. Imaginary”

  1. rubergj Says:

    Yes, I think you hit a point here… should the championship pit the most deserving teams, or the best teams? I think we can use the data at hand to make a much better argument for who deserves to play than who is the best team. I don’t think the “best team” can ever be picked, and no other sport even attempts to do so. The NCCA hoops tournament crowns a champion, but never claims the champion to be the best team. In fact, the team believed to be the best often doesn’t win the thing.

    OSU vs. West Va? Sounds like another game that lots of people who whine about!!

  2. rubergj Says:

    I mean lots of people will whine about.

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