Current Standings

Current as of November 25, 2007:

Missouri 28*
West Virginia 26

LSU 26*
Ohio St. 24
Georgia 24
Kansas 21
Virginia Tech 20
Tennessee 20
Oklahoma 20
Hawaii 19
Florida 17
Arizona St 17
Boston College 17
USC 16
Illinois 12
Connecticut 12
South Florida 12
Oregon 12
Virginia 12
Texas 10

*team controls own destiny: if team wins out, they will finish in one of the two top spots.


2 Responses to “Current Standings”

  1. DT Says:

    Hey, I stumbled upon your site via WIS, and your site is pretty cool. However, how is the BCS such a mess when it looks like you’re going to come up with same results?

  2. millercharley Says:

    That’s a really great question. First let me say, I’m all for a playoff. I hope that comes about sometime soon but I fear it may not. And that’s what my system is for: a simpler, more transparent way to conduct the BCS system. My system uses zero voting, zero computers, and the math is simple enough even Ohio State players can follow it.

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