Say It With Me: BCS is a Mess!

NY Times article: Conference Title Game Seen as an Obstacle

Interesting, albeit short, article on the BCS process and how conference games hurt teams. Nothing you haven’t heard, except for maybe the opinion of famed oddsmaker Danny Sheridan:

The Mountaineers won the conference title by beating Connecticut, a team that Sheridan said could be beaten by “a high school team in Alabama.”

Also heard Jay Bilas mention how the BCS is simply nonsensical and thankful college basketball has a playoff. He pointed out how impossible it would be in college basketball to try to pick the two best teams at the end of the season to play for the championship. Well, in a sense, the BCS is pretending that their system can do that after 12 or 13 games per team (not even half of the number of games of bball team plays). So with less statistical information, the BCS makes an educated ridiculous guess at who the two best teams are. It’s all about to be exposed this year.


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