What Can I Write That You Haven’t Already Heard?

The REAL BCS matchups have been announced and we are given Ohio St. vs. LSU for the championship. These two teams certainly have nice resumes as to why they belong in this game, but it’s easy for anyone to build an argument as to why another team is more worthy. The main flaws being perceived in the current BCS system are:

1. Having to wait 5 1/2 weeks for the championship game. A tournament would give the nation consistent action to keep the country engaged. By the first week of January, the NFL will firmly be the bigger sports story.

2. Missouri, Missouri, Missouri: they beat Kansas, lose a 2nd time to Oklahoma, and fall out of the BCS while Kansas earns a birth. Wow, even the commentators on FOX had to take a moment to rip the BCS system over this one.

3. Ohio St. not having played in either of the last two weekends is able to idle their way into the championship while other schools beat each other up. OSU only played two rank teams all year and lost to the better of the two (and it was in Columbus).

4. LSU jumps from 7th to 2nd by the goodwill of voters manipulating the system. Meanwhile another idle team, Georgia, actually drops. There is nothing in the BCS rule book about having to win your conference to be BCS eligible. But the voters didnt feel it was fair to give Georgia the Ohio St treatment and dropped them in the poll to help advance LSU. Manipulation of the system by voters is a huge issue here.

5. We had to wait 24 hours to figure out who was playing. The current BCS system is more like the Oscars and less like any sort of legitimate sport. Which ever coach wins the championship better thank the system like an actor thanks the academy.

6. No one is happy. This may be the biggest issue. Yes, LSU and Ohio St. are probably happy, but no true fan feels satisfied. I’ve spoken to a die hard LSU fan and a die hard Buckeye fan and they pretty much echoed one another: something about this whole process feels unfulfilling or anticlimactic. They are both glad about the outcome and mentioned it should be a good matchup, but with the long layoff and the confusion surrounding the system there seems to be a sense that no matter who wins few people will really appreciate the outcome…i.e., there will be no true champion this year.

This last point may be the most significant: never has the BCS system had this much pressure. It’s about to break, I can feel it. And while I think my system fixes a lot about the BCS, I truly hope the momentum carries the NCAA to finally establish a 16 or 8 or even 4 team tournament. Here’s to hoping anyway.


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