About Charley

Charles Berkeley Miller is a college basketball-lovin’ Kentuckian stuck in the body of a college football-hatin’ New Yorker. Charley is a game designer living in Brooklyn, NY while earning a Master’s at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, part of the Tisch School of the Arts. He regularly contributes to a game design blog called Game Design Advance. He is contrary by nature and invites you to rip his BCS argument to shreds… just as long as you write in the 3rd person.


2 Responses to “About Charley”

  1. sportsjesus Says:

    it looks like you went to Michigan?

    the boys in ann arbor did a good job in the crowd:

    I like your system….sometime i will post my entire DIV I conf realignment, which will allow for 10 cof champs to each have a title game, and then go on to the BCS from there.

    – Football Jesus

  2. Trevor W. Riley Says:

    Hey Charley,

    I googled my site and was surprised to see a link to it on your page here…I thank you and am quite flattered. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved the website to http://www.bpisports.com if you wanted to make the necessary changes. I don’t yet have the college football playoff documents up on that site, I might adjust them a bit.

    From what I’ve seen of your system, I like it.

    Thank you and take care

    Trevor W. Riley

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