Basic System


After the 3rd weekend of games of October, a committee meets to group teams into 4 tiers (plus a 5th of “the rest”). Each tier consists of 16 teams.

Every team’s win and losses are then given a value that corresponds to the tiers. If Ohio State beats a team in the Tier 1 (the best 16), Ohio State earns 5 points for that win. For Tier 2, the win would be worth 4 points… and so on:

Win over Tier 1 = 5 points

Win over Tier 2 = 4 points

Win over Tier 3 = 3 points

Win over Tier 4 = 2 points

Win over “the rest” = 1 point

A win on the road gives a team a bonus point.

Only a team’s toughest 11 opponents will count (including all losses). Michigan’s loss to Appalachian State counts because it was a loss, and therefore one of their toughest opponents.

For losses, the point system is simply inverted:

Loss to Tier 1 = -1 point

Loss to Tier 2 = -2 points

Loss to Tier 3 = -3 points

Loss to Tier 4 = -4 points

Loss to “the rest” = -5 points

A loss at home takes an additional point away.

A team must win their conference to be considered for the BCS championship game.

The tiebreaker is simple: strength of schedule based on your 11 toughest games.

That’s the entire system. At the end of the regular season, the two teams with the highest grossing point total advance to the BCS Championship.


2 Responses to “Basic System”

  1. Chuff Says:

    I’m all in favor of a better system, but this ain’t it. The fatal flaw is your committee that puts together the tiers. Any system that doesn’t completely rely on results on the field fails. A playoff system with clear rules that don’t rely on a a selection committee could do that. Take best records, winners of conferences, whatever, as long as selection and pairings rely on won-lost records.

    It isn’t particle physics, and it’s a helluva’ lot better than a bunch of guys offering up their opinions and/or some Sagarin-style number crunching.

    That assumes of course that what is desired is an undisputed National Champion. If you want to have hours of engaging arguments over, say, LSU or USC in 2003, then either the present system or this one will work.

  2. millercharley Says:

    Understandable criticism and believe me: I’d love to figure out a way to make the tiers without a committee in mid-October. But keep in mind: a committee works pretty well for college basketball, and even if there was a tournament setup for college football well guess what: you would need a committee to seed the teams.

    That being said, I want a playoff system as much as anyone. If you had read through the entire site you’d see that my system is only to replace the current BCS assuming that a playoff is not going to happen anytime soon. And I think my system does a better job than any of letting the players decide on the field who is best and who is most deserving. My system is all for getting rid of voters voting and computers computing!

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